At the end of 2015, we had been working on a documentary film in Egypt, concerning an extremely closely guarded archaeological site, known as the Labyrinth of Hawara. Our research partners at  Merlin Burrows, had been able to successfully scan the entire site and reveal the marvels that rested under the dunes, in the form of a depth scan. This wasn’t just a simple case of sitting glued for hours to Google Earth, but as it turned out, a massively complex series of research methods which were proving every single time, to yield a find on the ground or in the water.

This would end up being the catalyst which we’d been looking for. A team who could reliably and accurately identify lost, or even unknown archaeological sites all over the world, by using these techniques could quite literally give the world the historical update it’s been desperately needing.

This is how “A Series of Legendary Discoveries” was born. In these remarkable films, spanning 200+ discoveries all over the planet, from shipwrecks to ancient civilizations, thought to be lost… come with us on our maiden expedition, as we have saved the BEST FOR FIRST… 

INGENIO FILMS, September 20th 2018.

Enjoy the Teaser Trailer, there are many more to come !


The Series Director, Michael Donnellan, giving a brief introduction to the Series of Legendary Discoveries.