INGENIOFILMS is an international film and documentary production company based in Europe and America. Our partner company, MERLIN BURROWS is at the cutting edge of global historical discoveries using a vast array of sciences, techniques and traditional research methods. We’ve used satellite sciences in the process of finding Legendary Discoveries all over the World. Each of our discoveries is ground-breaking, and each story pieces together another mystery of great historical importance. 

Michael Donnellan
CEO / Founder

Film Maker, Archaeologist, and explorer. Michael founded Ingenio in 2015.

Chris Heapy
C.A.A. Drone Operator

An integral part of the Ingenio / Merlin Burrows family is Chris, our young and talented Drone Pilot.

Ralph Zimmerman
great north artists management inc.

Ralph is our Agent and Publicist, based out of Toronto, with Great North Artists Management Inc.

Bruce Blackburn

Bruce runs operations at Merlin Burrows and is an integral Partner at Ingenio Films.

Digby Stevenson
Archaeologist, University College London

Digby Stevenson, Archaeologist, Senior Consultant. Specialist in Roman & Iberian histories.

Tim Akers
Head of research / MERLIN BURROWS

Tim is our brilliant discoverer, who’s overall genius is dedicated to extraordinary discoveries.

John Hart
Expedition Coordinator / Head of Security

John helps to plan the details of our often meticulous expeditions. He’s also head of security on expeditions.

Modena Centro Prove
Research Laboratory

One of the most established Materials Laboratories in Europe. They conduct a variety of essential tests to determine the compositions of our finds.